Dark Flow

Dark Flow is the latest release by Swiss Synth-Pioneers Séance. It contains the single Follow The Leader.
You can order it as Vinyl, CD or Cassette and digital download at bandcamp
Track listing:

  1. Follow The Leader 04:08
  2. Le Max 05:37
  3. Dark Flow 04:50
  4. Stargazing 04:17
  5. Bubbles 03:17
  6. No No Future 04:25
  7. Amour Fou 03:53
  8. Zoonosis 03:56
  9. Too Heavy To Fly 04:35
  10. Carnivore 04:07

Blue Dolphin Blue

Recorded in 1988 at Daylight Studios Bruxelles, engineered by Gilles Martin and produced by Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon). Released by 150BPM records and distributed by Play It Again Sam (PIAS). Order here
Released as CD and Vinyl.
Blue Dolphin Blue 4:19
My Room 5:36
A House 5:16
Letters 4:47
I Wish 4:56
Dipsomaniac 3:52
Man In Black 3:42
The Dove 3:17
Moments 3:11

Early Demos

Limited edition of 100 - music cassette only - with 14 early songs, never released on other media.

When his school mates looked like the „Stranger Things“ character Billy, Iron Maiden and Chicago were in the charts, Ralf L. Aerne began to express himself with oh so cold electronic instruments. He wanted to set himself apart from the mainstream not only with his dark clothing style but also with his music. Looking back, the music seems fairly normal - but in the context mentioned at the beginning, it was pretty unique! This tape contains a collection of demos compiled from ca. 1982-1992, divided in Side A „early 80‘s“ and Side B „late 80‘s“. Some of the tracks were recorded before Reto Caduff joined in 1985 under names like „The House“ and „Science Fatigué“.


  • Je Me Suis Installé (Embryo-Version)
  • Tell Me
  • Bagatells
  • Pour Toi
  • Der Lift
  • The Balance (Embryo-Version)
  • Remember
  • Bitch
  • The Knocking In My Head
  • We Run
  • Just Words
  • Audrey
  • Heartbeat
  • The Balance (BDB Demo)

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Paradise Wasted (Animal Trainer Remix)

Remix by the super talented duo Animal Trainer from Zürich.

Paradise Wasted

Second single release from the WHERE WE CAME FROM album.
Released digital only.

Where We Came From

Where We Came From was recorded in the fall of 2019 in Antibes and London and released in March 2020. Produced by Séance and David M Allen (The Cure, Depeche Mode, Human League). It contains ten original compositions including the singles where We Came From and Paradise Wasted. The album is available digitally as well as a limited Vinyl and CD version. You can order the Compact Disc and Vinyl here

Blue Dolphin Blue

Blue Dolphin Blue (remastered) was released October 2019. It contains the original songs from the album from 1988, including two remixes of Blue Dolphin Blue by Chris Corner aka IAMX and My Room by Johan Baeckström. The album is available digitally as well as a limited CD version. You can order the Compact Disc. Get it here.

Le jour viendra

Vinyl Single, released in 1989. Recorded at Sodom & Gomorra Studio Basel.

A Le Jour Viendra 4:46
B Courir Pour L'Amour 3:28

Where We Came From (Radio Edit)

Where We Came From (Radio Edit) was released February 2020. Released only in digital form, it is the title track off the 2020 album with the same title.

Detlef and Destemonias end

EP, released 1987 on Lux Noise Records. Distributed by COD Records.
First released EP by the duo. Only vinyl. Recorded at Sodom And Gomorra, Basel.

Detlef Side
A1 Annie 3:32
A2 Amélia 4:55
A3 Go Away 4:28
A4 La Crise 0:26
Destemonia Side
B1 About Knowing Nobody 3:17
B2 Je Me Suis Installé 4:27
B3 It Was As If… 2:16

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